An innovative institute that provides comprehensive
and exclusive data about the latest academic research
in the crypto markets, investments, exchanges,
and fintech fields.

Our Mission

To analyze the information that circulates in the cyber Infospace and provide updated transparent insights.

Who we are

We are a group of enthusiasts who have proficiency and unique expertise in IT, blockchain, investments and data science. Being a pioneering institute, Kick Academy is eager to explore, analyze and share knowledge with
the world.

Fields of analysis

Crypto markets, investments, exchanges, fintech, DeFi, referral programs, artificial intelligence.
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KICK ECOSYSTEM is a one-stop platform for fintech transformation, based on three fundamental functionalities: B2B-decentralized digital asset exchange, fundraising platform and payment processing.
One in Two Crypto Users is
a Referral Program Participant
KickAcademy's Latest Survey