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7 Ways to Make Money on the KickEX Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges are a crucial part of the crypto world, as they are the key points that connect users to financial flows. Exchanges’ clients can actively use them to make good money.

The KickEX exchange offers its users the opportunity to earn a high return in a variety of ways.


The main activity of users on KickEX is trading. 

Trading cryptocurrencies may provide excellent returns if the trader can manage his emotions, understand technical analysis, and constantly study the cryptocurrency market. This is why the KickEX team provides traders with useful trading and technical analysis training materials at Kickacademy for absolutely no charge.

Professional trading is not a random win like a casino. It takes regular practice and systematic work.

Trading is divided into three directions:

Spot trading is a basic trading technique where a trader buys only the amount of cryptocurrency he can afford.

How does this work in spot trading:

Example: «You place an SXP cryptocurrency order for $1.00. After the order is activated, you present a new SXP limit order for $1.50 and a stop-loss order (a way to protect the trader from a sharp price drop) just below the line of support. In case of a correct analysis of the situation and correctly placed orders, your position is closed in positive territory and you get a 50% profit.»

Margin trading uses credit, where you borrow money from the exchange. This allows traders to significantly increase their trading positions and possible profit.

Example: «You have $500 and you chose a margin of 5x. This increases your deposit by a factor of five, to $2,500. Now, you can buy more of the cryptocurrency you need. However, you should not relax. You have to reach your asset price as soon as possible to sell and get into positive territory. Otherwise, the exchange will constantly recalculate and charge you for the use of the borrowed funds. At worst, a fall in the price of the cryptocurrency you bought will completely liquidate your deposit.»

Trading has several strategies:

  • Scalping — trading within a very narrow timeframe, such as minutes or seconds, often using bots;
  • Day trading (Intraday) — trading within the day without postponing open positions to the next session;
  • Positional trading — the trading position is opened for a period of 1 day to a week;
  • Arbitrage — the use of the asset price difference between exchanges.

The most comfortable mode for beginners is day trading, due to the clear structure. You select the cryptocurrency, you buy it, you issue an order, and if your analysis of the market was correct, you close the position by the end of the day. This is a universal strategy that uses available tools for analysis and decision-making — technical analysis, indicators, theories of technical analysis, etc.

Scalping requires a very strong level of market analysis and the ability to adjust the automated bot so that it does not work against the trader in the event of a trend reversal. When scalping manually in such an intense environment, the novice trader can quickly «burn out». Trade tactics are, in most cases, based on market inefficiencies — which, within a short period of time, can yield profits with limited risk.

Positional trading is based on the trader’s high analytical ability and his ability to predict the movement of the asset’s price over a variety of factors. This can simply be a long period of retention of the purchased crypto asset (week, month, year).

It is best for a newbie to start with position trading, as the transaction time intervals are wide enough to require no quick analysis and decision making. It does not require extensive knowledge of price trend analysis, forecasting, trading tactics, and instruments.

Day trading is in the middle level, where positional trading is no longer satisfactory for the investor’s income level. As a result, the shift to more trades allows for a more in-depth process and more flexibility in the management of assets — but more time and effort are needed, as well as more knowledge and experience.

Scalping is a highly specialized tactic that requires a lot of experience, a lot of tools, and a lot of technical equipment — both in terms of hardware and software.

Arbitrage is a tactic for when you buy a cryptocurrency on one exchange and sell it on another, where the exchange rate of the coin you choose is higher.

Example: «On a KickEX, Bitcoin costs $10,000 for 1 BTC, while, on Bitmoonex, the price of 1 BTC reached $10,500. You buy 1 BTC, take it out of the KickEX exchange, and transfer it to the Bitmoonex exchange, where you sell it. Your profit is $500.»

These tactics overlap and can be used together in different market situations.

There are also opportunities in crypto trading for pros — margin trading, which is limited to trading futures and opening short positions (shorts or a bet on a price decline).

Shorting” is a term that indicates that you are putting yourself in a position to profit if the price of a cryptocurrency declines. Yes, you can even make good money when the market is bearish!

Example: «You expect the BTC price to drop by 10% and you want to make money off it. During the short, you borrow 1 BTC from the exchange and sell it for $10,000. In three days, the Bitcoin drops in value and costs $9,000. You buy it at this price and return it to the exchange. You still have a $1,000 profit.»

Futures are, in fact, an agreement between you (the buyer) and the other party — in this case, the exchange (the seller) — about what the price of the selected asset will be in the future. The buyer agrees at what price it is obliged to buy the asset and the seller to sell.

Example: BTC costs $10,000 for 1 BTC. You expect the BTC price to rise in the next three months. Other traders, on the other hand, believe that the price will fall. You enter into an agreement that, in three months, you will buy 5 BTC from them at a fixed price of $10,000. Regardless of what level the quotes will be at after three months, you must buy the BTC at an agreed price. If you were right, and the BTC will increase, then after buying the cryptocurrency in three months you will make a successful deal selling the BTC at a market price. If your analysis was incorrect and the price of BTC dropped significantly, you will still buy BTC at a fixed price, despite the fact that, at that time, it will be higher than the market price.»

Staking and liquidity pools

During staking, you keep the cryptocurrency in your crypto wallet, where it is temporarily «frozen» and supports the work of the network — for which you receive a reward. The way the stake works is very similar to the interest on a bank deposit.

Example: «You have 10,000 USDT tokens. The interest rate on the stake ois 6.5%. You freeze your USDT deposit for 1 year and, after this period you will have, 10 650 USDT in your wallet.»

Liquidity pools work according to the same principle, with the only difference being that funds accumulate and «freeze» not in the user’s wallet but in a smart contract account.

Trade competitions

KickEX often hosts competitions with significant cash prizes. Any registered user can take part in the competitions. All you have to do is be careful not to miss the announcements. At KickEX, we run competitions with the most user-friendly conditions, even for a beginner.

An example of the competition is: KickEX is currently hosting the DeFi Token Battle between UNI and COMP. Trading teams choose their token and compete via trading volume. The team with the highest bidding volume will have preferential access to the prize pool, and its size is equivalent to $15,000!»

Bug bounty

You can make a lot of money finding bugs, security holes, and KickEX platform issues. An important condition for this is compliance with the rules specified here.

To do that, you need to:

  • Report security errors found using this form;
  • Follow strict protocols without publicly revealing your actions on our platform and the errors found;
  • We analyze the information we get, reward you if the threat you discover is significant, and correct security errors.

If you find a bug or vulnerability that matches the terms of the Bug Bounty program, and you are the first person to inform us about it, you are guaranteed to receive your reward.

Long-term investment

It is also possible to use cryptocurrencies traded on KickEX for long-term investments. You can buy a cryptocurrency for fiat or for another cryptocurrency and transfer it to a cold wallet for long-term storage. After a large increase in the price of the cryptocurrency, you may sell it and make a serious profit.

The best solution for such a strategy is to buy crypto assets in recession, not in growth. By doing so, you will be able to protect yourself from sharp dumps and declines in the price of the cryptocurrency, which often occurs after a strong rise.

How does it work:

«After careful analysis of the market, you choose a cryptocurrency with a promising project, a professional team, and strong marketing. Buy the right amount of cryptocurrency on KickEX and wait for the value to increase to the levels you desire, then sell the cryptocurrency and fix it.»


You can use KickEX to mediate between the crypto exchange and those people who want to buy the cryptocurrency, but don’t know how to do it.

By doing so, you will help people become involved in the world of cryptocurrency by earning money from a reasonable commission that you will establish. But be careful, in some countries such activities are only possible after obtaining a license from the financial regulator. Look into it before you take action.

Referral program

By taking your friends or subscribers to the KickEX exchange, you will earn interest on every trading commission they pay. If they, in turn, bring users — you will also get your fee for every transaction they make.

KickRef is a 10-level referral system. It allows you to invite users to the KickEX exchange and receive referrals, both from those users you invite directly and from those who are attracted by already invited users, up to level 10. 

Join the KickEX referrals program, become our partner, and get your share — up to 50% of the KickEX exchange income!

How does it work:

«John invited Lisa, then Lisa invited Jack, and Jack invited Robert. Eventually, Lisa will be registered as John’s direct referee (or his level-1 referee), and Jack will be registered as a level-2 referee, while Robert will become John’s level-3 referee. This structure continues until the 10th level, when more and more users join the network.»

Learn more about KickRef earnings here.

Mining $KEX

To receive $KEX tokens, you need to actively trade on KickEX.

$KEX is a semi-stable KickEX token powered by proof-of-trading mechanics and a fixed price inside the Kick Ecosystem. $KEX token rewards traders according to their KickEX trading volumes.

In Kick Ecosystem, wherever $KEX is used as a means of payment or settlement between ecosystem businesses, it is accepted for the price of $1.00. That is why the $KEX token is called a semi-stable token. 

Learn more about using KEX here.

Brokerage program

KickEX also offers ready-to-use solutions for entrepreneurs who are interested in the business model of the crypto world from a business perspective, rather than trading. We have an excellent solution for the franchise business model: the KickEX white label package.

With it, you get access to these tools:

  • KickID — customer registration, two-factor authentication, KYC procedure;
  • KickRef is a 10-level referral system for client build-up;
  • KickEX — Crypto exchange, Сore Matcher, Back Office, Customer Support, Risk Management;
  • KickWallet is an integrated crypto wallet.

This article describes the main ways of generating revenue, many of which are already available to users of the KickEX cryptocurrency exchange. We will soon add even more advanced income-generating tools. We hope that our material has been useful to you, and your transactions on our platform will become even more profitable!

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