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Crypto trading education
What is KYC and why the global crypto community needs user identification?

KickAcademy survey: more and more people trust their digital assets to and trade on cryptocurrency exchanges with KYC procedures enabled
How coronavirus is impacting the job market and how to hedge your bets
Research on the usage of orders on crypto-exchanges
Despite the fact that the demand for "classic" orders remained,
crypto enthusiasts showed a growing demand for other complex trading instruments such as the smart orders.
Frozen Economics

The mechanics of frozen tokens
in blockchain projects

Kick Ecosystem was the first in the history of blockchain projects to develop and implement a model of the frozen tokens economy. Read how it helps to attract users and develop Ecosystem's products effectively. Also learn what Frozendrop is and how to conduct it wisely.

Study of the crypto community opinion and level of trust in stablecoins
The crypto community is not ready to leave behind the use of stablecoins even if pairs are traded against fiat currencies, although only 10% of respondents have full confidence in stablecoins.
One in Two Crypto Users is a Referral Program
Participant: KickAcademy's Latest Survey
Of almost 500 subjects in the latest KickAcademy survey of Blockchain insiders, crypto traders, and investors, roughly half are referral program participants who consider such programs a good source of passive income.
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